A stronger future for regional Australia

We need real change – because more of the same isn’t good enough.

This election is a choice between a Labor Government investing in the future of regional Australia, or bigger tax loopholes for the top end of town under The Nationals.

Improving both regional services and investing in community infrastructure will enable regional cities and towns to grow, attract and retain the workers needed to power regional economic development.

Bill Lodwick, Labor candidate for Nicholls, says:

“Once again, Labor is showing that it cares for people in regional areas. If elected, I will work hard to make sure the people of Nicholls get a fair share of this $795 million commitment – and this on top of the fabulous High Speed Rail announcement.

“Nicholls needs better air services. We need investment in community infrastructure. We need investment which creates jobs and improves communications. Labor, if elected, will deliver all these and more.

“I am very happy with the way Federal Labor is putting together programs that will ​benefit our region. Please put the Nationals last for a change. Let Labor have a go, just once, and you will see how well we represent you.” said Mr Lodwick.

Labor’s Plan for Regional Development includes replacing The Nationals City Deals program with a new, more rigorous program called City Partnerships to engage all levels of government and the private sector with a strategic vision for our cities.

We will also create an Office for Regional Development within the Department.  Supported by an Expert Panel, the Office will provide high level advice and assessment of Regional Plans put forward by RDAs.

Bill Lodwick and Labor will also invest in our regions through:

  •   A $250 million investment in local community infrastructure.

Labor has consulted with councils, sporting clubs and communities across regional Australia to identify community development projects that will create jobs and improve the liveability of local communities.  We have announced more than $250 million in new sporting facilities like swimming pools, gymnasiums, sports hubs, netball courts, cricket pitches and football fields, and other community infrastructure projects.

  • A $245 million investment in better regional communications. 

Regional Australia is falling behind the cities when it comes to access to broadband and mobile communications. These are critical for regional development and Labor’s investment will address mobile black spots, improve digital literacy, and fund local projects to improve connectivity in regional communities.

  •  A $200 million Local Community Projects Program.

Bill Lodwick and Labor will provide $200 million through a new Local Community Projects fund to kick start future projects that create jobs, drive economic growth, and build stronger healthier regional communities.

The first announcement is $250,000 for Aquamoves in Shepparton for pool heating and solar panel project. Find out more here:

  •  $100 million for Regional Airports.

Better maintenance of regional airports will boost tourism and ensure that airports maintain high levels of safety. A Labor Government will invest $100 million to help local councils maintain and grow regional airports – ensuring they can operate safely and connect more Australians with the regions.

Regional Australia should not be an afterthought.

After six years of dysfunction and chaos within The Nationals, our united Labor team is ready to deliver a fair go for regional Australia.

End the chaos. Vote for change. Vote Labor.

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