Labor to commit $250,000 to Seymour pool

This election will be a choice between a united Shorten Labor Government which will invest in better community infrastructure or more cuts and chaos under the Nationals.

Seymour War Memorial Swimming Pool is centrally located for locals to access. 

To improve the facilities for Seymour locals, Labor will invest $250,000 to the existing 50 metre outdoor pool with a solar panel system to provide heating. 

This funding from Labor will also provide FINA-approved portable starting blocks to enhance club competitiveness, new roofing for the change rooms, upgrade painting and works to the pools infrastructure. 

By providing access to the outside pool for longer periods, more participants can enjoy the programs on offer at Seymour War Memorial Swimming Pool.

First established in the first 1960’s, it is the only 50 metre pool in the Shire and only one of two within the immediate region.

Home to the Seymour Sharks Swim Club, upgrades to the pools starting blocks, will ensure the Sharks Swim Team can remain competitive. 

Bill Lodwick, Labor candidate for Nicholls, says:

“It is great to see that Seymour hasn’t fallen between the cracks when it was moved from McEwen to Nicholls. This investment for the only Olympic-length pool in the area will make it safer and more comfortable for all.

“This excellent facility will be even better if Labor gets elected. I am a keen swimmer myself and look forward to doing a few laps.

“I urge all parents to make sure that their children learn to swim. If you are an adult and can’t swim, I strongly recommend learning. It is fun, increases your confidence and may save your life – or you may save someone else’s. My mother, Lorraine Lodwick, learned to swim as an adult. You can, too.” Mr Lodwick said.

This is in addition to Labor’s $46 million Swim Smart plan to make sure Aussie kids have access to swimming and water safety lessons in primary school.

Labor has listened to the community and has made this $250,000 to provide greater support to our regions.

After six years of dysfunction and chaos within The Nationals, our united Labor team is ready to deliver a fair go for regional Australia.

End the chaos. Vote for change. Vote Labor.

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