About Bill Lodwick

Born in Melbourne, Bill has lived in this area for over 30 years. He is happily married to Caroline (32 years) and has four wonderful children and one much loved grand-daughter.

Bill’s children went to Broadford Primary School and high school in Kilmore. Bill went to Wedderburn High School for a term while staying with family there and played a few games of AFL for the town. When living in Seymour Bill did some farm work and fencing until he found work in Melbourne as a geophysicist. He really enjoyed working outdoors again and was often reminded of his grandparents’ dairy farm.

In 1996, Bill was elected as a councillor for Mitchell Shire while living on 50 acres with his family at Tyaak between Broadford and Reedy Creek. Bill was also on the Broadford Primary School Council and is a strong supporter of more funding and support for regional schools. Bill has a long record of volunteering in his local and professional communities.

Bill firmly supports ALP policies delivering access to education, job opportunities, health care, cheaper energy and safe communities. Regarding health care, regional areas are constantly challenged to match the results seen in our cities. Bill will push to get more funding for diagnosis and treatment and emergency, life-saving services.

Bill has enjoyed a career as a professional in geosciences and management. His expertise has located him at Puckapunyal as the Director of the Army Simulation Office, in Melbourne (commuting on the train) and around the world. Bill is also the author of scientific papers and a public speaker. A proud Victorian at heart, Bill wants to contribute his knowledge, energy and skills for the benefit of the people of Nicholls.

Social issues are of particular concern to Bill who will work hard to understand, communicate and help to reduce the incidence of suicide, domestic violence and the exploitation of the poor and vulnerable.

Bill has worked in the oil & gas and mining industries during his career. He has personally written submissions and managed compliance regarding the EPBC Act and has hands-on experience with Federal and State legislation including native title, oil and gas, mining, defence and local government.

He acknowledges that the Earth is warming and supports ALP policies to mitigate the effects of human activities on our environment. To run our civilisation 100% on renewable energy is an achievable goal but we have to keep things going. During the transition we all still need to light our homes, cook our dinners, power our workplaces and fuel our transportation.

Bill is also an amateur theatre enthusiast and enjoyed many years performing in local productions with his children with BATS (Broadford Amateur Theatre Society) and KAPAS (Kilmore Amateur Performing Arts Society).

What Bill Lodwick Stands For

Bill Lodwick believes that everyone deserves access to good education, job opportunities, health care and a safe community.

Labor’s Fair Go Action Plan

I want to be a Local Member who passes on a better deal to the next generation.

That’s why Labor has a plan to fix our schools and hospitals, ease pressure on family budgets, stand up for workers, invest in cheaper and cleaner energy; and build a strong economy that works for us all.

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Labor’s Plan for Schools

A Labor Government will deliver the biggest investment in public schools in Australian history, so every child gets the fair go they deserve.

Our extra $14 billion will ensure public schools get the funding they need to give students more individual attention, and more help with the basics such as reading, writing, maths, and science.

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Labor’s Plan for Cheaper Power

The Liberals aren’t up to leading the country in the right direction. Labor has a plan to deliver more renewable energy and cheaper power.

Labor has a plan to drive new investment in renewable energy and transform Australia’s energy supply systems – delivering more renewables and cheaper power for all Australians.

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